My Professional Sessions

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ! This is only if you are contacting me for professional sessions! WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE AN APPT!!

Domination is not just something that I do but who I am by nature. When you enter my world; the operative word is MY!

I do not consider myself a female supremacist however I am a female who knows who she is and what she wants. I do believe in FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIPS. I am strict but I am fair and I say what I mean and mean what I say.

My expectations are high but they are realistic and achievable. Respect, communication, trust and honor are words that I live by and I expect the same from you. There are many things we may negotiate but those four words and who is in control is never negotiable! Period!! Whether you are an experienced slave or a total novice, you must give up control the moment you cross my threshold. Too many times slaves and submissives tell me that you want to serve Me and then proceed to tell me how you want to serve Me. The entire conversation revolves around what you want and what you like and what you did, etc. Slaves expect that they can call me and place an order like they are in Burger King and they can special order my services…..their way!! Understand and understand well. I am not a fantasy fulfiller. Now let me clarify. This is about Power Exchange for me so your fantasies will be fulfilled, but you don’t decide when and how, I do!

You only know what you want. I know what you want and I know what you need. I am an experienced Domme and I’ve been doing this for many years. I find out what your experience level is and what you like and your boundaries. I also take note if you have a particular fetish and what your fantasies are. We talk about health and any other specifics that I need to be aware of. From that point on it is up to you to trust my judgment and years of expertise to know what to do with the information acquired. My control of you will be complete, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The reason that slaves try to manipulate and negotiate for control is that when you truly give it up, it is a scary but exciting place to be. It’s kind of like being on that roller coaster and feeling that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach as you go up but by the time the ride ends, you are ready to ride it again. You cannot come to me with a wham, bam, thank you ma’am, do me Mistress attitude. This is about having a professional relationship and although the parameters are negotiated, different but quite clear, a relationship it still is.

You embark on a BDSM journey and I am the navigator. If you are willing to surrender to Me and travel with Me, I will take you on an unforgettable trip. Your goal is to learn to serve Me the way I desire to be served and learn to anticipate my needs. My goal is to turn you into the best possible slave that you can be. I achieve this by allowing you to explore all aspects of your being (even those you are unaware of) and to learn to know and accept yourself fully. Through this process you learn if this lifestyle is for you and at what level it is for you. Understand that this is not necessarily an easy process. Even though you may desire to submit, most people, especially men, do not really know how to surrender control. Usually we have to play power, power, who has the power but immediately you realize that I DO and you don’t! Sometimes that means giving it up kicking and screaming but I don’t really care how you give it up, it is only mandatory that you do. As we continue on our journey and each time you reach a new plateau, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Remember, this is about a power exchange and exchange goes both ways. That is because energy is being exchanged, not sex, so your sexual orientation is unimportant to me. The energy exchange can only happen if you are willing to expose yourself and become vulnerable and trust me to take you where you have never been before. The exchange begins in your head and since I control your mind, I become what you need me to be. I can become a lesbian lover to a cross-dresser, a Mommy to a little girl or a Daddy to a boy. I am a heterosexual woman, a lesbian dyke, a gay man or a flaming fag. My alter ego LORD D is a hardcore Master who shows no mercy on his slaves. You become my musical instrument and I am a master musician, and with my lead and you learning the correct notes, we play beautiful music together. This is only accomplished on a higher plain, an altered state of consciousness and it is an experience like no other. If done correctly, it is not just a physical experience but one which evokes great emotion and touches your very soul. I TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND and at the point that this occurs, your surrender is undeniable and totally complete. If you have ever experienced complete surrender or fantasized about what it would be like, then it is time for you to take the next step.

My time is very valuable so make sure that you do not waste it. Do not waste my time by asking questions that have already been answered on this site. I am into all aspects of the lifestyle but my limitations include any illegal activities; I do not provide sex, nothing that involves animals or minors and I don’t do any scat play (brown showers). There are no drugs or alcohol allowed in my sessions and if you arrive under the influence; you will be asked to leave. I also only do breath play with slaves that I own. Those things are not negotiable so don’t bother to ask. If your interest is not one of the above then there is no need to ask me if I do it. Make sure you check my calendar and make sure that I am not out of town during the time that you would like to make your appointment. Do not just ask me if I am available because you must make an appointment and right now is not acceptable. Instead, make sure you have a date and time in mind, preferably alternate dates. If you are a new or first time client, a deposit of fifty dollars will be required before I will see you and the deposit will be deducted from the session price when you arrive. This is to assure me of your sincerity and to insure that you do not waste my time. If you are not willing to do this then do not bother to contact me. Fifty dollars of my fee is just in the consultation and this fee as well as your deposit is included in my session price. The consultation fee is expected whether you decide to have the session or not. If you accept and are agreeable to these terms, I look forward to speaking to you and ultimately to having you serve me.

Lady D