My Rules

Although I can be cruel and sadistic, I usually look for service-oriented slaves. I not only enjoy being pampered, I expect to be. I love the personal interaction and the intensity that accompanies it. However, don’t assume that MY BODY belongs to you. Any privileges allowed are just that, PRIVILEGES;not a given! I am not here to be of service to you but you are always to be of service to Me. Most of the rules you will learn as you go along. My rules are exensive but they are not difficult to learn. If you have the right attitude and are willing, you will learn of my expectations without great difficulty. Let me begin by saying that you do not even reach this point if you do not start with RESPECT. I have no tolerance for people who come to me and address me like they are speaking to their buddies on the street. I am a Mistress and regardless of whatever else I may incorporate in our relationship, I am always your Mistress first! If you are fortunate enough for me to consider you for training, I expect you to always be respecful and present yourself with humility. You must be prepared to leave your ego at the door since there is no room for it in my dominion. My rules vay depending on the position of service. I have slaves who serve me in many capacities and at many different levels. Whether you are a full time slave, live in, part time or even if you serve me professionally, I have expectations that you will be required to meet. The rules that you will learn will be dependent on your slave position and what I require of you. Many times you will have a main position of service such as a foot slave but will learn other duties associated with that position. For instance my foot slave is also required to not only learn everything about the care of my feet, from pedicures to reflexology but also how to take care and maintain my vast shoe and boot collection. My sissy maid is expected to clean my home buy may also be taught how to cook my meals. I do not punish you for what you do not know buy once I have taught you, you will be disciplined if you do not comply with the rules. If you are a SAM (smart assed masochist) and think that disobedience will get you what you want, you are sadly mistaken. I definitely believe in a reward and punishment sysem and usually if you are not building up one, you are getting the other. Even if you are a true masochist, you must earn the beating you desire and convince me that you so richly deserve it. It is important that you understand that my punishments are exactly that, punishments! I do not reward inappropriate behavior so don’t think that you can goat me into giving a spanking enthusiast a spanking. I learn what you love and I learn what you hate and I use that information to My advantage. The severity of the discipline is dependent on the severity of the infraction. Never try to underestimate my intelligence and if you attempt manipulation, you may find the manipulator being manipulated. I try to make sure that my orders are clear and precise but if ever in doubt, ASK! It is better to make sure that you understand what I want than to assume and make an incorrect assumption. If you find yourself in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, it is probably one that you have forced yourself into. If you ask no questions I interpret that to mean that you have none and understand exactly what I expect of you.

When you are taught something, it is not about your way being wrong and my way being right; It is the fact that your way is not My Way! You will learn of my pet peeves, the few things that are negotiable and the many things that are not. There will be rules that are required of every slave and rules that may be yours alone. Many of my rules are absolute and never change but as we review our contract (if there is one) or renegotiate the parameters of our relationship, some rules will be altered accordingly. You need to be flexible and able to accept change. Some times several rules will be given simultaneously and if not given in a specific, you will need to prioritize. I expect you to use your talents, your intellect and your wit and not to act like a brainless robot idly carrying out orders. You will learn to not only follow my commands but to anticipate my needs. You will find that your needs will coincide with my pleasure. Following the rules will result in acquiring certain privileges and non-compliance will result in a forfeiture of them.