My name is Lady D and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I wear many, many hats and I strive to wear them all very well. I am the youngest of five children I am the mother of two children and the grandmother of nine . As well as being a Domina, I am a master hypnotist, a minister , counselor and educator. I am a Gemini and those twins are forever active so there is no telling what woman you may meet on any given day. I am not a Dominant because of some ego trip but because being dominant is my natural proclivity in life. I believe in a Higher Power whom I choose to call God and therefore I know of submission since I submit to My Ultimate Authority. I married twice and in the corporate world I was always in positions of power. My twenty-five years in the customer service field taught me how to be of service to others. I am spontaneous and I love to laugh since I feel that humor is very healing. I also enjoy writing and have had poems and articles published. I am quite passionate about the BDSM lifestyle and I enjoy teaching and sharing my experiences. As a master hypnotist, I consult and counsel people to help them to achieve a higher self and take control of their lives. I am very people oriented and I enjoy traveling since it gives me opportunity to network and to meet others.

Many have asked me what is my sexual orientation and my response to this is “Sexual”. I realize that too many times people want to place individuals in a box and if I say that I’m straight and they see me with a woman then they don’t know what to make of it. If I say that I’m gay and they see me with a man… well, here we go again, you see what I mean. I did however have a soul mate who passed away from cancer whom was also in the lifestyle. My play may be sensual and even sexual but since it is not sex unless that is what we have negotiated, my sexual orientation is irrelevant. Since I do not allow others to limit me, I can interact and play with any gender as well as play mild to extreme and this vastly increases my experiences.

Although it is not unusual for me to display male characteristics, I am always a Lady. I may appear logical, stern and uncaring but I am also a romanticist at heart. In the kinky realm, some of my favorites are OTK spankings, caning, foot and body worship and role playing but I have many fetishes. I also love music, all kinds except for much heavy metal and opera. I enjoy science fiction. I am a Trekkie and collect Star Trek and Betty Boop memorabilia. I love movies and going to the drive-in (another dying art) and will watch almost anything unless it is scary. Scaring the shit out of myself is not my idea of a good time. I also love gifts whether small or large, especially surprises and if you buy me a pair of shoes you have a friend for life, LOL.