This type of play is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint at heart. Interrogation usually includes resistance play but resistance play may not necessarily include interrogation. Resistance play is quite physical and usually the sub/slave or bottom is resisting whatever the top is requesting or demanding. This type of play may sometimes have face slapping, kicking, biting and other forms of fighting and can appear to be quite extreme to the viewer. The goal in this scenario is to be overpowered and ‘forced’ to do whatever is negotiated. Understand that detailed negotiations should take place before a scene like this is done. Limits especially should be discussed, especially hard limits. This is also true in interrogation scenes since they usually not only are quite physical but an element of mental and psychological terror are added as well. If you have not set limits and discussed the ‘what if’ scenarios, you may step into a black hole and do some psychological damage. Even Dominants have limits and may enjoy this type of a scene but may have a problem with face slapping, etc. Learn about these types of play, the pros and the cons and what to do if one of them goes array.