I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 1995 and a master hypnotist since 1999. I truly enjoy helping people through hypnosis. Hypnosis is very misunderstood and most people have misconceptions concerning it. So I would first like to explain what hypnosis is and what it is not. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I am just a mediator helping a person get where they want and need to be. Hypnosis mimics sleep buy actually it is a heightened state of consciousness. If you could see your brain waves under hypnosis, you would see that they do not duplicate brian waves during sleep at all. What actually happens during hypnosis is that you are in a complete state of relaxation and during this time you become more aware and receptive to the suggestions given to the subconscious mind by the hypnotist. By bypassing the conscious mind and speaking directly to the subconscious, you are able to make suggestions more readily accepted. Hypnotic states occur all the time but we are usually unaware of them. Think about when you are driving to work and thinking about the meeting you have to attend and fifteen minutes later you pull up in front of the building with no thought as to how you got there. You did not say make a right turn on 3rd street and a left on main; you simply had taken the path so many times before that your subconscious knew the directions while your conscious mind thought about the meeting. Another is when we watch TV and your thoughts sway and althought your eyes never leave the screen, the program is ending and the credits are rolling. The difference in these hypnotic trances and the one with the hypnotherapist is that there is a goal that is requested by the person and mutually agreed upon. Hypnosis is a tool I use to help you take control of your life. Whether there is a need for a healing of mind, body and/or spirit, hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you achieve you goal. I have helped many clients in the areas of: smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss, stress relief, pain management, sexual dysfunctions, behavior modification, etc. Hypnosis is a great way to improve self by removing barriers, reforming negative belief systems, creating healing and thereby improving your quality of life. What most people know and have seen about hypnosis is stage hypnosis where a hypnotist puts someone ‘under’ and while they are hypnotized, they make them bark like a dog or similar silly things. It appears that this person has no will of their own and simply does whatever they are told. Once again, what it lookslike is very different from what is actually happening. Hypnosis is not forced and since it is truly self-hypnosis; you cannot by hypnotized if you refuse to be. You cannot get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state and you will not do things against you will. Understand that the stage hypnotist has already done certain tests to see who in the audience is highly suggestible. The hypnotist usually asks the person to come up on stage and if they do, in actuality they have already bought in to the idea of being hypnotized. You may not think that you can be hypnotized but that is not the same thing as saying that you will not be hypnotized. In the conscious state we are not only listening to one another but also observing the tone of voice, the mannerisms and other forms to determine what the person is trying to say. Under this highly concentrated state, words become quite literal and no thought is given to trying to interpret the meaning or how other people will react. Therefore when the hypnotist suggests ‘bark like a dog’, the person does just that and is not thinking anything past what the words mean. They are no longer trying to interpret what the words mean or who may be watching and since they knew from the beginning that it was just going to be good, harmless fun; they follow the command without hesitation. On the other hand, you will not follow a suggestion that is against your belief system and therefore a suggestion such as ‘go and kill someone’ would just be ignored and dismissed in your subconscious as ridiculous unless you truly believed that killing was fine and there was nothing morally wrong with it. Most people that have been hypnotized do not think that they have been because they don’t know what to expect and think that they should feel different. Since they can hear sounds around them and can respond to the hypnotist, they say that they did not feel like they were hypnotized. Many times during hypnosis, I have the subject do something so that they know that something is different, such as tell them to try to open their eyes or lower their arm or something that they know that they should be able to do but cannot do.

A hypnotherapist works by a code of honor and trust since this is what a relationship between a hypnotherapist and a client is based upon. The therapist realizes that there must be a semblance of trust in themselves and/or their ability. The client must also feel that the code of honor will be upheld and a good hypnotherapist will ensure this fact. I always tape my professional hypnotherapy sessions. One tape is given to the client and one copy I keep so that everything that occurred during the session is known. I have found that the energy exchanged during a session is enlightening for both of the parties involved. Although I do many hypnosis demonstrations and they are usually entertaining, that is not my main purpose for being a hypnotist. I truly enjoy helping people to empower themselves and achieve a healthy life filled with peace and happiness.

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Hypnosis and Domination

Many people and some submissives become quite aroused at the thought of ‘erotic mind control’. However, unless a submissive has had either hypnosis sessions and/or domination sessions with me, I rarely ddo a hypno-domination session with them. Their idea is for me to hypnotize this sub and then to “force” them to perform or to act in a way that they would not ordinarily act. Usually I have to laugh and say that I don’t need hypnosis to do this. Seriously though, the reason that I do not mix them on the first session is that it truly defeats the purpose of being dominated. Think about this. Domination is about exchanging power and this is achieved by a Dominant taking a submissive to an altered state. If this is done naturally without hypnosis, the sub will feel a sense of accomplishment, especially if it is something that they did not think that they could or would do. As a Domina I feel responsible for pushing your limits and showing you what you are really capable of. I enjoy exposing the person inside of the exterior and teaching you how to embrace all the aspects of your personality, even the ones that you are unaware of. Like the drunkard who says that they wouldn’t have acted a certain way if they were not drunk, a submissive under hypnosis could claim that they would not have acted a certain way or done a certain thing if they were not hypnotized. Being a woman in control, I never want a submissive to use that excuse or any other for that matter. (smile) What I will use hypnosis for is when a submissive has a sincere desire to do something or achieve something and we are hitting a wall in getting there. Many times that may be due to prior teachings and other’s belief systems and through hypnosis we work to remove the barriers that prohibit the submissive from getting where they want to go. I will do a hypno-domination session when we have had several of either and desire a different and many times a more intense (because of it being more concentrated) session. I will already know you and have gotten inside of your head and the session will take you to a new level. I especially enjoy mixing hypnosis with role-playing sessions since the scenario usually seems extremely realistic for the submissive.

For those submissives that are looking to be controlled through hypnosis, understand that this is not what I do. I will control you and I will hypnotize you but if I do both, it is because it is my decision like everything else, not yours. If however you have issues that you feel will be helped by hypnosis, I would like to hear from you. My hypnosis fees are $125.00 for the first session and $75.00 for any session thereafter. A hypno-domination session is $250.00 and both are by appointment only. If you are a new client, I require a $50.00 deposit before the session occurs. This will be deducted from the total amount of the session. I also accept credit cards and if you use a credit card, there is an additional $10.00 charge. I also offer phone consultation sessions for both hypnosis and/or domination.