We have a saying in this lifestyle, “Never say NEVER!” and if you remain in this lifestyle long enough, you may try many things that you thought that you never would. For many, one of the things that we enjoy is pushing the boundaries and exploring places that we would never want to go in the ‘real world’. We reach into ourselves, many times accessing our darker side and when we let that untamed side out; we find out much about who we are and those around us. Playing with “forbidden fruit” as my dear friend calls it, can be enlightening, enticing, entertaining and surprisingly enjoyable. It can also be daring, debilitating, deadly and dangerously detrimental if you’re not careful and understand what you are doing. Tapping into some of those taboos depends a lot on your upbringing and your life experiences. This is very much a ‘stay in the moment’ type play and may be quite difficult for some to watch as well as quite surprising to those that think they will be repulsed and instead are excited and fascinated. Come and delve into the realm of the things that make some squeamish and explore this type of play with me.